Installation, service & maintenance

The boilers will be installed by fully trained engineers from the manufacturer and serviced by a dedicated UK service engineer.

Humph Boilers will maintain the plant for the length their design life.
Our core value is to capitalise on the knowledge and experience gained from more than 3,500 biomass systems sold; this is the foundation on which new products are built.
LIN-KA is always developing equipment and processes to stay ahead as a world leading company in biomass and combustion. In 2011 our invention in downstream air distribution to combustion was patented – a technology where the gasses are combusted more efficiently, CO-values are reduced dramatically, and the fuel is utilised to its maximum.
  • All plants are fully documented
  • Quick troubleshooting by remote
  • Around the clock support
  • Large inventory of spare parts with fast delivery on many components
Maintenance will be carried out periodically with 100% redundancy of the plant allowing 365 days a year, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week heat availability to the end users.

LINK-KA boilers are designed for a long life with boilers running in Denmark for over 30 years and in the UK running for 15 years and continuing.